Heart and Soul Source reflects the integration of streams of study and practice I have been integrating since the late 1960s.

I use the word source in the name of this website because it reflects what moves through all the different modalities in which I work- a concern with the source of the themes and issues in your life--the heart and soul of the matters in your life.

The modalities to open up to these sources of experience are: I am an astrologer, psychoanalyst, art therapist, past life regressionist and spiritual regressionist.

Before I studied art therapy and later became a psychoanalyst, I was an astrologer. Learning astrology for me was not about prediction but a way to understand the meaning and purpose of life. It was, and is, a spiritual, psychological and practical study. My concern was “What is the path of the soul in the life?”

I realized that the spiritual meaning of our lives is here NOW. It is here in the themes and issues lived day to day. Thus, I became a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, trained to understand and work with the sources of life issues, the inner templates that are laid down in our earliest years. I am trained to open up what these are and help you heal what has been detrimental to growth and well being in your life.

The context in which I understand these issues is large-


Astrology shows the overall pattern and themes of your current life, and is a wonderful way to understand the cycles and qualities of your life experience.

Past Life Regression can help to understand and work with ancient patterns laid down in your soul memory that impact you in your current life.

Spiritual Regression is a deep hypnosis that accesses the soul realm, the area we go after we die, where we consult with guides and teachers, study and learn, connect with our soul group, and understand themes that weave through and determine what incarnations we choose.

Psychoanalysis is an ongoing 1-3X a week psychotherapy process that does the grounded and deep work to uncover the sources of suffering, transform and heal.