Dedicated to a compassionate, deep, symbolically oriented approach, I integrate a grounded training in psychoanalysis with expressive and spiritual work. I have over 30 years of experience with a specialty in trauma, and the integration of spiritual work with psychoanalysis. My favorite consultant is your unconscious, the real source of information about you. The communication from this layer of your being is symbolic communication.

As an Expressive Psychoanalyst, I have many techniques at my disposal: psychoanalysis; dream work, art therapy, mindfulness based cognitive techniques, hypnosis and visualization, sand tray, yoga, astrology, and familiarity with Eastern and Western mystical traditions. These are the service of you in your quest to evolve and heal.

I have had the honor to teach many students, here and abroad. My core subject is how to work with and understand symbols and metaphor to aid people’s healing. I teach regularly at 3 universities in New York City: Pratt Institute of Design, the New School for Social Research, the School of Visual Arts as well as the Institute for Expressive Analysis. I have also taught for the Korean Expressive Arts Therapy Association and Mjungi University in Seoul, South Korea as well as lecturing internationally. The classes I teach are: Art Diagnosis, Symbolism in Art Therapy, Alchemy, Dream Interpretation, and Symbolization and Creativity.

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